Game Currency

There are two game currencies in KK Heroes, KKT and red gems:
  • The native currency of KK Heroes is Kingdom Karnage Token (KKT). KK Heroes is fought in 1-week seasons with KKT prizes for all Active Players.
  • Red gems can either be earned in-game by listening to audio adverts or purchased with KKT.
KKT is also the native currency of Kingdom Karnage and Kingdom Karnage Clicker.
KKT Contract Address: 0xe64017bdacbe7dfc84886c3704a26d566e7550de Click here to buy with your Credit Card

What is game currency used for in KK Heroes?

KKT uses: KKT is used to purchase red gems and also to fund seasonal/permanent advantages in KK Heroes including: - Seasonal scout. - Lifetime scout. - Energy boost to 2 Energy/Hour. - Increase energy capacity +10 (Max +30 for 50 total).
Red gem uses: Red gems are used for simple one off premium actions, including:
  • Hero rerolls: - Reroll class. - Reroll base ap. - Reset used ap.
  • Battle advantages: - New battle. - Scout enemy. - Fast battle.
  • Seasonal advantages: - Season scout. - 2 Energy/Hour.