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Kingdom Karnage Crossover

Both "Kingdom Karnage" and "Kingdom Karnage: Heroes" are set in the same universe. Heroes acquired in either game will be able to cross between games if they are minted as NFTs. Any Hero can be minted by logging into the Kingdom Karnage website with your account details and visiting: (Please note you will be required to infuse your NFT with KKT when you mint). Similar to the Starter Heroes, each crossover hero will have a class, which gives them a bonus against another Hero class in KK Heroes: - Archer (Attack bonus vs assassin class) - Assassin (Attack bonus vs swordsman class) - Cavalry (Attack bonus vs archer class) - Spearman (Attack bonus vs cavalry class) - Swordsmen (Attack bonus vs spearman class) Minted characters also have an improved stat range: - Starter Heroes = 20 to 55 - Uncommon = 25 to 57 - Rare = 30 to 59 - Epic = 35 to 62 - Lego (not yet in the game) = 40 to 65
In the future, there will be a perk in KK Clicker for owning a minted Hero character.