Kingdom Karnage Heroes is entirely a referral game; without a referral code you simply can't log in for the first time. The person you referred can't just "forget" to use your referral code! You can find your referral code by pushing the "Referrals" button on the main menu of the game. Share this with your friends, family, stream audience etc, who then need to supply your code during their first login to the game. Referral benefits We will total your referee's first 4 league prizes; this total is your referral reward. At the point that your referral reward is calculated, you will receive 10% immediately. The remaining 90% is divided into 10% increments. 10% will be released to you every season your referee ranks on the league table. Referrals don't expire so there is no penalty to you if your referee doesn't play for a week or two. You can get back to earning when they get back to ranking; right up until you have received the full 100%.