V0.0033 (version 33)

24th October 2022
Game updates:
  • ​The Endless Tower (PvE) is now open!
  • Endless Tower Rankings page has been added.
  • ​Hero Abilities have now been added.
  • The 4 hero abilities available this season are: Enrage, Paralyse, Poison and Regen.
  • Adjustments to "Reroll AP" have now been made. There is now an increased chance of rolling a perfect base character.
  • Dodge & Hit stats have been tweaked. Both stats should now feel more effective.
UI adjustments:
  • Scouting has been improved and now shows the opponent's hero ability.
  • A "Reroll Ability" button has been added to the Heroes page.
Season promotion:
  • Seasonal energy boost is no longer discounted and has returned to its normal price.
Various small bug fixes