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Hunts are our mid-week event. At the start of each week new Hunts will be published on our Telegram & Discord. Hunts are a race amongst the community to complete an objective; the first to do so will receive a prize.
Only 1 Hunt prize can be claimed per person per week.
The hunt information will feature:
  • Hunt ID: An identifier so we know which Hunt you are claiming.
  • Target: The objective you need to loot to win the hunt
  • Prize: The item(s) you will win if you are the first to complete the Hunt.
  • Timeframe: This is the time period the Hunt can be claimed in.
To complete a Hunt a player must post in the following format on the indicated message board: Claim <Hunt ID> <Player username>
An example of a Hunt is below:
  • Hunt ID: #huntM1
  • Target: score 1 uncommon in Ancient Ruins and 1 in The Keep and 1 in The Tunnels.
  • Prize: common pack + 10 runs added to your Prize Power.
  • Timeframe: Mon 25th July 10:15 UTC until 23:59 UTC on Fri 29th July.
To claim this Hunt I would have to loot 3 items:
  • 1 uncommon from the Ancient Ruins dungeon
  • 1 uncommon from the Keep dungeon
  • 1 uncommon from the Tunnels dungeon.
Once I had completed these objectives I would write: "Claim #HuntM1 redd"
Remember only one person can win each Hunt and you MUST complete the objective before the end of the time frame.