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Dungeons are an encounter with a powerful enemy rewarding players with the chance to win common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary characters and equipment.
Legendary characters & items can be looted in any dungeon, even the earliest dungeon "Brigand Base"
The first Dungeon unlocks when you have completed Level 10 of the Campaign, further dungeons unlock as you defeat each dungeon.
As long as you have Prize Power, victory in a dungeon will always reward you with loot. Standard loots are blue gem(s), a character, or a piece of hero equipment. You can see your chances of each loot on our Loot Tables.

Deck Limitations

Some earlier dungeons have deck limitations to prevent experienced players from exploiting them for easy loot. These are indicated to the right of the start button as you enter a dungeon.

Premium Dungeons

Premium dungeons differ from normal dungeons as they award loot without the requirement for prize power. Premium dungeons usually have a pre-requisite to entering such as ownership or rental of a key. The current premium Dungeons are: Catacombs and Midas Temple