The Catacombs dungeon is one of our premium dungeons. Catacombs is guaranteed to have the best loot drops in Kingdom Karnage including guaranteed card drops! It is also the only place that certain items drop, such as enchanted coins, exclusive cosmetic items, and multiverse loot! All of your loot drop chances can be improved by owning and equipping a Lucky Trinket which gains xp with each Catacombs victory. Catacombs Dungeon has 3 stages, the first of which is Multiverse Mike. You are given a pre-set deck and pitted in a 1 vs 1 dungeon battle against Multiverse Mike. Watch out though, Mike may not fight fair. To enter the Catacombs a Key is required…

Catacombs Keys

Each key grants it's owner the ability to:
  • Personally access the dungeon once per day.
  • Rent access to another player once per day
  • Pay a bounty to another player to complete the dungeon on their behalf for a set fee.
If you're a player that don't currently own a key, you can click “Rent Key” and will be presented with the cheapest available Catacombs key available at that time. All renting/leasing of keys is done with the KKT currency. Only 1000 NFT Catacombs Keys will ever exist. These were for sale in our store but have now sold out. Currently, these can only be acquired by purchasing from other players but we plan to regularly offer the chance to win weekly key rentals in social media competitions. The future of Catacombs We intend on further developing and updating Catacombs. We already have plans to:
  • Add two additional stages with higher difficult levels but even better loots.
  • Make the 2nd and 3rd levels of Catacombs a multiplayer experience, allowing you to both run the dungeon & generate income by charging for the two remaining dungeon slots
  • Periodically add new items to the loot table.