Midas Temple

Midas Temple is our newest premium dungeon.
The Temple is the first dungeon in Kingdom Karnage to award two loots for every successful run, and also the first place to award KKT as loot.
As Midas Temple is one of our premium dungeons, in a similar manner to Catacombs, it does not require prize power in order to win loots.
However to enter Midas Temple, you’ll need a key…

Midas Temple Keys

From Monday 11th July at 9am UTC, Midas Temple Keys can be purchased from our FIAT shop. The key is available in 4 different rarities; each key gives you the same game experience, but the more expensive keys come with higher KKT loots (displayed on the dungeon doors).
Each key can be used once per day. Keys expire 30 days after activation, meaning if used daily, they have a maximum of 30 uses.
The keys are available in an unlimited supply; players can purchase and use multiple keys per day.
Please note: The daily use is reduced at server reset (00:00 UTC). Please make sure you purchase your keys with enough time to complete your first daily dungeon use.

Key Trading & Activation

Once you have purchased a key it will become available on the “My keys” page of the Midas Temple dungeon screen. From here you have two options “Activate” and “Sell”. Activate: Pushing activate will make the key usable by your account once a day for 30 days. Please note this action binds the key to your account making it no longer tradable. Sell: Pushing sell will open up the Kingdom Karnage auction house. From here you can list your key for sale for an amount of KKT. If you list a key for sale it will no longer appear in my keys unless you cancel the auction house listing. Once the key is activated it will be assigned an expiry date which will allow each player to access the dungeon daily for 30 consecutive days. Each day the key will display under the appropriate dungeon entrance until it has been used by the player.
Remember: As soon as you push activate your key can no longer be traded on the action house.

Midas Statues

In Midas Temple, the enemy King Midas hero gets a brand new hero ability. Every 3 turns Midas will randomly turn one of your troops into a gold statue of himself. These statues are enemy structures and so can be attacked & destroyed by your troops.
It’s not all bad news! The more of the statues still on the battlefield when you successfully defeat King Midas, the better your chances of improving your secondary loot:
As you can see from the table above, you can win up to a rare card (in addition to your KKT loot).
Example: Mike purchases a $1 Midas Temple Key: - He successfully completes the dungeon, leaving 5 golden Midas statues. Mike will receive 2 loots: the 8KKT loot mentioned on the door of the dungeon and also he will receive the “3+ statues” reward which is 52% chance diamond, 30% chance common card, 15% chance uncommon card, 3% chance rare card. - If Mike has managed to leave 6 statues he would have received the “6+ statues” loot chances, which would give a 96% total chance of a card loot! - Mike can use the same key to complete the dungeon each day for the next 29 days. After the key is 30 days old it will expire regardless of the number of times it has been used.
As you can see finishing the dungeon with Midas statues can be lucrative, but be careful that trying to score lots of statues doesn’t cause you to lose the dungeon!