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King of Karnage

Players can challenge the current King of Karnage to a 1v1 match, the current King is controlled by AI so that multiple players can challenge the King at any time. A challenge entry fee, charged in $KKT is sent to the prize pool (minus a small fee collected by the game). The prize pools are also boosted by a small % of the Global KKT pool every 10 minutes. To prevent strong players being undefeatable, each and every time a King successfully defends his throne, his deck is weakened by 1 a random card being downgraded a level. When a King is defeated, they take 75% of the current prize pool, with 25% left to seed the victor King’s reign. Two versions of KoK are available. One for beginners "Normal" (10KKT) and one for veterans "Elite" (100KKT). A player can challenge either throne, but, no player will be able to hold both thrones at once.
The veteran throne prize pool receives a larger drip from the Global KKT pool than the beginner throne.
Beginner mode is limited to common & uncommon cards level 4 or below. Elite mode can be played using any deck.