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Player vs Player pits you against other players' decks. A full deck of 30 cards (no race limitations) is required to play.

Ranked 1 v 1

Battle using your player-made deck in 1 vs 1 matches. Ranked PvP includes daily & monthly rewards:
  • Daily: Complete 5 daily PvP battles in order to claim a daily prize, the more days of the month you complete your daily PvPs, the higher you will get in the reward tree and the better the prizes. Want even more prizes? Each day after claiming your PvP reward, watch and ad for a further reward.
  • Monthly: Compete with other players in a league format for KKT prizes. Can you stay in the top 100 to claim a prize?

Balanced 1 v 1

Coming Soon... Battle with pre-set decks in 1 vs 1 matches. With evenly matched decks, only skill counts.