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Game Currencies

Kingdom Karnage has two currencies: - Kingdom Karnage Token (KKT)
- Blue Diamonds
KKT Contract Address: 0xe64017bdacbe7dfc84886c3704a26d566e7550de

Kingdom Karnage Token (KKT)

KKT is the native currency of Kingdom Karnage and is used within: Game modes:
  • Catacombs
  • King of Karnage
  • Midas Vault
  • Pet Mining (COMING SOON)
Player-to-player trading:
  • In-game auction house
  • Kingdom Karnage NFT auction house (COMING SOON)
In-game purchases:
  • Heroes
  • Spellbooks (which generate consumable spells)
  • Card packs
In the near future, we will be having two new NFT sales. 1) Coffin NFTs - Earn loot box keys every month you hold the Coffin NFT. Opening loot boxes give you the chance to earn exclusive Vampire NFTs. 2) Pets - Pets will give you powerful abilities in-game and will passively mine you KKT. You can read the latest information on our website: For the foreseeable future, the proceeds of both these sales will be used for KKT buybacks and improving KKT liquidity.

Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds are a currency which drops in Kingdom Karnage dungeons. At any time 5 blue diamonds may be swapped for a random Kingdom Karnage card (Common to Rare).