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The Basics

• At the start of a match you draw 3 cards at random from your deck. • Each card has a cooldown and requires 1-4 turns to become playable. • At the start of each turn the cooldown of each card in your hand decreases by one.
When a cards countdown reaches 0, click to select it. • Select one of the Drop-Zones highlighted in GREEN. • Click again in the same place to confirm playing that character.
• The battlefield highlights in YELLOW where your character will move and in RED where your character will attack. • When you select an available Drop-Zone you can change your mind or click again to confirm playing that character.
  • Each character has an attack value and a health value.
  • The attack power is how much damage a character deals to enemy characters and hero.
  • Your objective is to overwhelm the enemy troops and defeat your opponents hero.
  • When the enemy hero's health is reduced to 0 victory is yours.