Dynamic Characters

Dynamic characters are special characters with a fixed supply and dynamic level. Rather than levelling through traditional means their levels are controlled by the ratio of circulating supply and the number of players (player logins for the past 30 days). There are currently 3 Dynamic characters in the game and we plan to add a new Dynamic character each time we add a new race:
The number of Dynamic characters cannot go up however the number of players can. As more and more people play Kingdom Karnage the scarcity of these characters increases and so the rarity and level of the characters increases to match that. Mistress of Nightmares and Crimson Paladin have already sold out and now can be bought from other players on our in-game marketplace. Velkan is currently available on our online shop. For details on how many players are required for each level, rarity, abilities and stats please see the Dynamics Page.

Meta City Dynamic Characters

Kingdom Karnage also supports 3 collaboration characters which will also playable in Meta City. Aelene, Elrond and Gael have a slightly different dynamic mechanism. They increase in level as more of them are purchased from our online shop. To see the upgrade details please see the Dynamics Page.