Midas Vault

This feature includes:
  • A playable character, “King Midas” - Level him all the way to Legendary level 10 by stashing $KKT in Midas’ vault.
  • A new character ability “Golden Touch” - When your Midas reaches Rare (250XP), he unlocks the ability “Golden Touch” which means you increase your share of the Golden Touch $KKT Prize pool with every kill Midas makes.
  • Voting System - Participate in the votes about Kingdom Karnage. Choose item designs & races to be added to the game, and even influence things like fee structures. Everyone that participates in a vote will receive a share of the voting prize pool.
  • Vault Shop - Get access to exclusive Kingdom Karnage items and characters. Always created with a fixed supply and never to be sold by Kepithor Studios outside of the vault.

King Midas - Your Key to the Vault

Before you can stash $KKT and earn voting rights you must first acquire a Midas. This can be achieved in one of the following ways:
  • KK Shop - Midas will be available for $50 of KKT from the Vault in-game.
  • Kingdom Karnage Auction House - Buy your Midas from other players in-game.
  • Win Midas - Midas will be a regular prize in our tournaments starting later this year.
Click here to read more about King Midas in our character spotlight article.