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At Kingdom Karnage we wanted to introduce a way to introduce more cool items for our loyal supporters but not turn the game into pay2win; our answer to this is cosmetic items!
The first cosmetic item we’re proud to be announced is “Themes”, which we recently launched on in-game marketplace. There are two types of theme, "Standard" and "Premium", their type dictates their price and rarity:
  • Standard: Enchanted, Storm, Tidal (Each 200 fixed supply at 7500 KKT each)
  • Enchanted: Doom, Magic, Valour (Each 50 fixed supply at 25000 KKT each)
Do cosmetic items give any benefit in-game? No playable benefit, no, but cosmetic items will mean your game looks awesome and customised. All our cosmetic assets will be fixed supply so that these items become sought after as the player base grows.
Some cosmetic item effects will also be visible to other players. For example in some modes such as PvP, your opponent will see your name displayed in the theme design you have equipped.
Will cosmetic items ever drop in the game? Cosmetic items that we've sold in our shop will never drop in the game. We have created a Molten theme that is not for sale and can only be obtainable from the Catacombs dungeon (or from other players on the in-game marketplace).