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June 2022
The below roadmap was as accurate as possible at the time of writing. From time-to-time roadmap aspects will take longer to implement than predicted (especially when an idea is developed further than expected); this may have a knock-on effect to the delivery dates of other entries on the roadmap. Features in "to be determined" generally rely on 3rd party interaction and so are not currently in our control. This does not mean they are necessarily near or far off, just they cannot be accurately predicted. This roadmap is reviewed approximately once a month, keeping you guys as up-to-date as possible. Very near future:
  • iOS - App store listing
  • Finishing BSC blockchain integration (Equipment)
  • Cronos blockchain integration
  • Pets listed on NFT marketplace
  • Pets - mining & upgrading added in-game
  • Pets - abilities added in-game
  • Pets - card sacrificing added in-game
Around 3 months away:
  • In-app purchasing - Midas keys, race packs, standard packs, pets In-game shop
  • Auction House Phase #2 (Auctions, quality of life additions)
  • 3rd blockchain integration.
Around 3-6 months away:
  • Halloween Event
  • Balanced Mode Tournament
  • 4th blockchain integration
Before the end of 2023:
  • Elves
  • Wyden Tournament detail announced
  • New PvP Mode - Equaliser mode
  • Real-time multiplayer PvE dungeons
  • Endurance mode revamp
  • Sponsorships
  • Catacombs Stage #2 & #3
  • Guilds
To be determined:
  • Efinity integration