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Real Time PvP Update (v0.40000)

Monday 17th April
Game Updates:
  • Real-Time PvP added - PvP battles will now primarily be against other real players. If a player is not found within 1 minute a computer-controlled opponent is added.
  • PvP battle reconnection improvements - If your internet is lost but reconnects, you should be given a button to reconnect. If your game crashes you will be able to restart the game and reconnect provided your opponent remains in the battle.
  • Balanced mode - New PvP mode where both players are supplied with a preset deck of cards (Currently "just for fun", no PvP points or prizes at this time). Note: This mode is currently only available when turned on by a team member.
  • Dev challenge - New PvP mode where the dev is given a mirror copy of your PvP deck. Win a reward if you are victorious!
Character/Ability Changes:
  • New character artwork - A significant number of the Human and Undead characters have had their art upgraded.
  • Lilith and Satrina - Our vampire characters are now playable in-game - read more. Coffin NFTs will go on sale soon.
  • Human Defender - Ability change: Human Defender now has Guardian & Spear.
  • Fury ability - Characters with the Fury ability are now able to perform a double attack against Heroes.
  • Wyden - All currently owned Wyden are characters. Wyden is not usable as a hero until he is killed in the Wyden tournament. Upon being killed in the Wyden tournament, Wyden will be a hero and no longer be available as a character.
Utility Changes:
  • Just play - New players can now trial Kingdom Karnage without registering.
  • KKT deposit/withdrawals - A new MetaMask deposit/withdrawal system has been added:
  • Auction House - Players can now see their own listings on their auction house searches. These are marked with the words "Your listing".
  • Auction listing cooldown - Player items now take 5 minutes to be listed for sale, giving the listing user time to rectify errors.
  • Referral System - The referral system has been updated. You can now find this in-game (under "other" on the menu). Referring friends now earns you 10% of their purchases from the in-game store and 1% of their purchases on the auction house.
Price Updates:
  • Spell Books - These have now been anchored to KKT (instead of USD). The Spell Books will no longer fluctuate with the value of KKT.
  • Skandir/Skorpir Heroes - These have now been anchored to KKT (instead of USD). The price of these Heroes will no longer fluctuate with the value of KKT.
Items anchored to KKT: These are fixed KKT prices, this means if the value of KKT goes up, so will the equivalent USD cost of purchasing these items.
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