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23rd June 2023 - Level 10 minting update
Utility Changes: - All level 10 characters have been reverted to 2 level 9 characters (Epics will receive 1 character and enchanted coins). - Level 10 minting is now enabled. Please see this page: Please note you will be required to infuse your NFTs with KKT, more details on the minting page. To read more about what can/can't be minted, please also see
Gameplay Changes: - All level 10 characters have now had their stats increased. In most cases, characters received an additional 1 to 3 health, in some cases they received 1 attack, and in rare cases, they received both health and attack. - Cruel Bonelord and Human Charger have both had their cooldown increased from 1 to 2. Bug Fixes
The new level 10 character stats can be seen on the card library: