Game Currencies/Store

Kingdom Karnage has two currencies: - Red Gems
- Blue Diamonds

Red Gems

Red gems are the native currency of Royal Rampage. They are used for all in-game purchasing. In order to acquire red gems. They can be purchased by selecting the "+" button next to the red gem symbol at the top of the main menu. It costs 40 quarters to purchase 1 red gem.

Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds are a currency which drops in Kingdom Karnage dungeons. At any time 50 blue diamonds may be swapped for a random Kingdom Karnage card (Common to Rare). The number of diamonds that drop in dungeons gets larger the harder the dungeon: Brigand Base, Ancient Ruins, The Keep = 25 diamonds The Tunnels, Memories, Pillar of Boudica = 30 diamonds Kargals Portal = 40 diamonds Jail House = 45 diamonds Throne Room = 50 diamonds

In-game shop

The in-game shop can be accessed by clicking on the deals banner to the right of the screen, or by clicking on your red gem or blue diamond balances.