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Starter Heroes

There are 5 base heroes in KK Heroes: - Archer (Attack bonus vs assassin class) - Assassin (Attack bonus vs swordsman class) - Cavalry (Attack bonus vs archer class) - Spearman (Attack bonus vs cavalry class) - Swordsmen (Attack bonus vs spearman class) At the start of each season, you will be given 3 heroes at random. Each hero will be assigned between 20 and 55 base Hero Stats. You are able to reroll your hero's base stats for a small KKT fee. Aswell as the base heroes, you can use heroes from the Kingdom Karnage game in KK Heroes, you can read more about those in Kingdom Karnage Crossover.
When a hero with a class advantage over his option attacks, he does double damage, and the word "Savage" is displayed.