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V0.0026 (version 26)

3rd October 2022
Game updates:
  • Ability Points are no longer account-wide. Each kill you make (attacking or defending) now gives 1 AP to each of the 3 Heroes in your squad.
  • Attackers are now awarded 2 AP per hero regardless of the battle outcome.
Hero stat adjustments:
  • Health now awards 2hp per HP (1hp previously).
  • Critical hits are now applied after defence has negated the damage. This means critical hits should be double the damage of a normal hit and are more in line with player expectations than before.
UI adjustments:
  • If you are outside of the ranked prizes your position will now show at the bottom of the ranked table.
  • The referrals page has been updated in accordance with the referral changes mentioned below.
Referrals update:
  • Your referral award is now based on your referee's first 4 ranked prizes (Previously was the 1st 4 weeks regardless if your referee made the rankings or not).
Various small bug fixes