V0.0036 (version 36)

31st October 2022
  • KKT has been removed as a prize for the Endless Tower. Prize pool for PvP has now increased.
  • HeroCoin has been introduced as a reward for the Endless Tower. Please see our HeroCoin introduction article: bit.ly/HeroCoin-Intro
  • Hero shop has been added.
  • Energy can no longer be purchased directly.
Price and shop updates:
  • It now costs 2000 KKT to enter the Endless Tower.
  • The 2x energy boost has been reduced to 1000 KKT.
  • A 3x energy boost has been added to the shop for 1600 KKT.
  • Season 6 Hero shop stock: Ranger, Assassin, Thor, Boudica.