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Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is our first "draft deck" mode. No cards are needed, when you start an adventure you will pick a deck of 10 cards that you’ll use on your adventure, watch out though, if any die in battle, they stay that way! Do not lose heart though; as well as battle spots, there are squares that restore and even increase your band of warriors.

Let's go!

As you start your Adventure you will be presented with a crossroads. From here you can choose your path North, East, South, or West. Unfortunately for you, you start with no knowledge of the map, so all options begin presented as “????”. As you visit squares, their contents are noted should you pass through the same area again on the same adventure.
As you encounter each square it will contain one of the following:
  • Battle: Fight a group of enemy bandits to clear the area.
  • Healer: Resurrect 1 troop that has fallen in battle.
  • Barrack: Choose a mercenary from a choice of 3 to enlist in your army.
  • Shrine (Shop): Choose one of the troops in your army to have their level increased (increasing their stats in battle).
  • Fountain: Immediately receive 1% of the current Adventure Mode prize pool. Unlock the option to reset Adventure Mode and embark on a new adventure.
  • Chest: Find chests on the map to find prizes to boost your game account like KKT, Hero Equipment, Character Cards, Diamonds, and even a chance for Scrap Material! (More info below).

New Regular Content

Everyone shares the same map layout in Adventure Mode, so knowledge is power. Work with a friend or your guild, and learn the smoothest path through the maze and the fastest route to the rewards. Don't share your knowledge too widely however as when you find our elusive Fountain, you will be awarded 1% of the pot. If you help too many people find the Fountain, you will only be diminishing your future rewards.
The maps will be periodically changed (Period of time TBD, this article will be updated and info published on Telegram and Discord) so Adventure Mode will provide a regularly fresh challenge.
Each fresh run of adventure mode will cost you $0.10 of KKT but provides you ample opportunities to profitably treasure with the first map having 10 chests and the fountain which gives you 1% of the prize pool.


The contents of the chests will be permanently added to your game account (they will not be usable during the adventure). The loot chances each time you open the chest are listed below:
  • Character 93% chance (53% Common, 38% Uncommon 2% Rare).
  • Hero Equipment 1% chance (0.6% Common, 0.3% Uncommon, 0.1% Rare).
  • Diamonds 5% chance (Equal chance of between 1 and 5 diamonds).
  • Scrap 1% chance (Always a single Scrap Material).