Refer a friend for lifetime rewards!
When you refer a friend to Kingdom Karnage everybody wins! For you: - Earn 1% of your friend's auction house spend. - Earn 10% of your friend's store spend (web store and in-app purchases). For your friend: - 1 x rare Thor Tobinson character - 50 blue diamonds (worth 10 characters) - 10 KKT How to refer a friend Select "More" from the in-game menu. There you will find a "Referral" button.
Open this section to find your referral link which you can share with friends who are signing up for Kingdom Karnage. You will then be able to use this page to monitor any referral earnings, and when you have some available you will be able to claim KKT you have earnt using the "Claim now" button. Any claimed KKT gets added to your in-game balance. Personalise your referral code
  • Want to make your referral code more personal to you?
  • Need multiple referral codes so you can monitor how different referral methods perform?
We have you covered! For only $4 of KKT, you can register new referral codes of your choice (must be approved by KK Team). Codes must be at least 3 characters, not be offensive and cannot contain website addresses. These names will soon be mintable as tradable NFTs. At the point of minting, they will require infusing with $1 of NFT.