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4th July 2023 - Major Gameplay Updates
PvP Leagues
  • 9 PvP leagues have been added to the game.
  • The cards you can loot across all Kingdom Karnage game modes are now dictated by the PvP league you are in.
  • PvP matchmaking will first choose a match with someone in your league, if no one is available you may be matched with someone of a similar deck score (within 50pts in lower leagues, within 100 points in upper leagues).
  • From league 6 onwards, PvP will be "Speed PvP" (more below).
  • Please also read our Medium article (COMING SOON).
Speed PvP Speed PvP operates in the same way as normal PvP except your hero will take damage if you take more than 15 seconds to take a turn: - Under 15 seconds = no damage - 15-29 seconds = 1hp damage to hero - 30-44 seconds = 2hp damage to hero - 45 seconds = 3hp damage to hero
Beginner Experience
  • Players now only need to complete 11 tutorials to be given a full 30-card starter deck. There is no longer a card drop for completing each tutorial.
  • The starter deck is unbound.
  • The remaining tutorials have been categorised by the PvP area that the ability is introduced in.
  • Previous bound card drops have been removed, but all players can unlock the starter deck by redoing level 11.
  • An autoplay has been added which enables an AI to take over the player's deck.
  • Autoplay is automatically free and available for all players that have spent $10 on the auction house in the last 30 days.
  • Alternatively, players can purchase autoplay: $1 for 1 month, $10 for 1 year, or $50 to unlock autoplay permanently.
Various Bug Fixes