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Tutorial & Campaign

Both the Tutorial and Campaign modes have been created to introduce the player to Kingdom Karnage. Completing these modes will allow the player to unlock a free deck of cards with which to play other game modes.
Please note any cards unlocked in Tutorial and Campaign will be bound cards and cannot be upgraded or sold.


Tutorial is a set of 45 different scenarios that specifically teach the player the different abilities characters in Kingdom Karnage have. Only the first 11 levels of the tutorial are mandatory, and once completed the player will receive a free deck of 30 cards.


Campaign is currently a set of 30 levels that must be played in order. The levels start of very simple and slowly progress to full battles by the end of the Campaign. Defeat each Campaign level to unlock the next. Earn a card for each level completed.
Competition of the Campaign is often used as a marker for giveaways/events. Currently completing the campaign will earn you a Pioneer's Pride ring. Read more in our Medium article.