Spells & Spell Books

Spells are not yet able to be used in battle, however Spell Books owners can already create Sealed Spells.

What is a spell?

Spells scrolls are a single use consumable item. You will be able to equip up to 3 different stacks of scrolls in your battle deck allowing you to access 3 different spells in battle.
Scrolls are consumed as they are used: For example, equipping a stack of 10 of a particular spell before casting the spell 4 times in battle will leave you with 6 of that spell to use in future battles.
Find a list of spells below. At least 6 different spells will be available for the launch of the spell system:
  • Add ability - Speed
  • Add ability - Guard
  • Add ability - Armour
  • Add ability - Resistance
  • Add ability - Warden
  • Add ability - Guardian
  • Add ability - Pious
  • Direct damage
  • Direct heal
  • Increase character health
  • Increase character damage
  • Increase character health & damage

How do I get spells?

Spells will be generated by a new Kingdom Karnage item “Spell Books”. Spell Books will be available in the 5 different Kingdom Karnage rarities, each rarity generates a different numbers of spells as per the table below:
All Spell Books have a fixed supply and are only sold through the vault shop (for a fixed USD amount of KKT).
Spell Books will generate sealed spell scrolls completely passively. Every Monday, all Spell Book holders will receive their weekly spell generation. These sealed spells can be traded on the auction house or you can activate them in-game to find out which random spell they contain.

Spell Books for sale!

Spell Books will be the first item to be sold through our Midas Vault shop. They will be available from the start of August.
Remember to access the Midas Vault you will need a King Midas character. Midas can be bought either in-game or from our online shops: kingdomkarnage.com/payment-options.