Xmas Update

Coming Soon
Happy Holidays from the Kingdom Karnage Team. This update releases our annual Xmas event. Earn Xmas keys from dungeons, and enter our Xmas dungeon where you can win our seasonal character, Skellimas.
Major Changes:
  • Kingdom Karnage Token - KKT will no longer be used in-game. In most places, it has been replaced by red gems. KKT functions will soon be usable from our website.
  • Game Modes - The following game modes have been removed: Adventure Mode, King of Karnage, and Campaign.
  • Adverts Now Fuel KK Prize Pools - Every audio advert listened to contributes to Kingdom Karnage prize pools.
  • Dungeons - Instead of being offered their choice of Dungeon, players can now play a "random dungeon". The dungeon's opposition strength and prizes will increase with your deck strength.
  • Midas Dungeon - Now pays out in red gems.
  • Catacombs Revamp - Player-owned rentals and bounties have been replaced with a game-run system operated in gems. Key owners instead now receive a share of a KKT prize pool for each key they own.
User Interface:
  • Improved User Interface - The background, icons, and menu style have all been refreshed.
  • Logs - All logs are being moved to the website. New logs such as diamonds, red gems, and scrap will be added.
  • In-App Purchasing - Red gems and Midas keys can now be purchased through Google Play/Apple App stores.
  • KKT Items - All items still to be priced in KKT (Heroes, Spell Books, etc) will be moved to the website.
  • 2% Luck Item - no longer for sale